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This page is for any testimonials I receive in the course of my service as a Doula.  It may be strange for you to see some of the testimonials, as they could be from, for example, other Doulas or companies that I have worked collaboratively with, to enable me to provide you with a better service etc.  The not so strange will be from parents-to-be, their family and friends, midwives I will engage with etc.

I would like thank all of the contributors to this page,for taking the time out of their busy schedules, to write to me so that I can make continuous improvements.

"I had the pleasure of working alongside Carole when looking after her daughter Holly in labour.  As a midwife, I have seen the enormous difference doula's can make to a birth experience for women.  Carole was there 100% for Holly , keeping her calm and offering much needed encouragement as Holly progressed in labour.  When Holly had difficult moments and felt she couldn't continue, Carole was masterful at keeping her focused and coaching her through her contractions, making the environment so positive for everyone present.  Holly had a beautiful delivery with minimal intervention thanks to the support she received.  It was a real privilege to have Carole there, I wish I could work with her for all my deliveries!"

Rachel, Midwife

"I have enjoyed working with Carole today I found her to be an experienced Doula.  Her knowledge and supporting skills was amazing.

She understands the importance of monitoring and how to encourage her client to have the care necessary.  Respects her client and family.  Respects staff as well.

Esther, Midwife

When we looked for a doula, Carole stood out of the crowd, when we saw the brief but clear description of her rich life experience. We thought, who would better advise us than a mother of 6 and (at the time) a grandmother of 4.

Immediately, Carole’s energy, spontaneity and kindness made her part of our family team; she quickly understood our needs, as parents and couple, and found keys to fulfil what she saw was missing to have us prepared, calmly and steadily, for the labour and all the changes coming after (especially with our older one).

Thanks to her, our family bonds grew even stronger and she showed us how to better support each other. The experience was particularly beautiful for my husband, as he got a lot more involved  in helping me throughout the pregnancy (than he was during the first) and for our daughter, who accepted Carole as she was family or among the closest.

Then, let’s talk about the hard times: during the labour, Carole had nothing but magic words, to reassure me and keep me strong and motivated to, as she always said, ‘breathe my baby out’. She showed me right moves and gestures to help relieving the pain, guided my husband to play his role in the process and make our baby come in the best conditions.

Our little boy came to this world surrounded with love and joy, and Carole definitely contributed to make it even more sublime than one can imagine. Carole is a beautiful person, and a great doula; we, as a family, couldn’t recommend her highly enough. And if we ever have a third child, we will certainly ask her to join again and be part of our team !