Little Futures Doula Service

Little Futures Doula Service's Mission

Using experience, compassion, love and empathy, to successfully support, empower and facilitate strength in a holistic family-focused pregnancy, birth and post natal experience.  Helping to provide strong foundations on which to grow and flourish.

Your Vision

Every birth is a new beginning and an opportunity for you to give your child the best start in life.  As your LFDS Doula, it will be a privilege to help you embark on the adventure that you may have visualised.

As a result of my experience, I know not everything goes as we see it in our mind's eye.  We cannot plan for every eventuality and life comes with risks.  As your LFDS Doula, I will be there to ensure that where the unexpected occurs, I enable the parents-to-be, in the moment of potential confusion, to remain calm so that informed choices can be made.


"I believe that children are our future, treat them well and let them lead the way."  These few words, from the song 'The Greatest Love of All', creates for me the vision that parents may have during the pregnancy and birthing journey.

During the pregnancy, when a mother and child flourish, the mother waits in anticipation for the baby who is the future generation.  We now know that the bonding between mother and baby starts in utero and continues after birth.

LFDS believes in mothering the mother to elicit a baby-centred and child-centred approach.   During the birthing and postnatal process, the mother, who sees these from the baby's perspective (baby-centred) as well as from her own, treats the child well.  Letting the baby lead the way, by the mother having trust in her natural instincts, and those of the child, ensures both are working as one.

For those parents-to-be who are having your first pregnancy experience, and those that have been through this all before, you will realise in the journey of life with your child or children, that sometimes you lead and they follow.  To understand and have empathy with them you may need to let them lead the way, and when you know each other you will walk side by side in unison.

As your family Doula, I will walk by your side and support you, when required, on your special journey through the expected and unexpected.